Friday, April 11, 2014

The Pink Halloween Event!

I wanted to make sure everyone saw the update to my Fundly campaign. If I can get enough donations, I may be able to pull it off this year. Of course if it takes longer to raise the money, it may have to be next year. You can read a little more about the event here. While your there, please don't forget to donate to the cause! If you would like to help out in any way, please feel free to contact me. If you are a vendor that would like to set up a booth at the event and be part of a great experience, you can contact me via e-mail at: or by calling 520-304-4368. Stay tuned...more details to follow!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Pages on This Blog!


(Photo taken from

I have updated this blog to include other blogs I have been working on.  The reason I am including them in this blog is so that you can get to know me completely and to be able to update everything in one place.

The first blog I have added is "Adhesions Are Painful".  This blog is about my health mainly and highlights some of the ups and downs (mostly downs) of having this painful condition.  This blog will hit home for folks that live with chronic pain.  I can't wait to get back to updating this blog!

The second blog I added is "My Manic Menopause".  This one is mainly for the ladies, because most men will want to stay far, far away from this blog.  It's been awhile since I have updated this original blog, but I am looking forward to updating this blog as well.  There's lots of info. that will be useful to those of you dealing with menopause as well.

The third blog you will find here on this blog now is "Brandy's Cooking Tips and Recipes".  This was actually the first blog that I started because food is one of my favorite things on earth.  The original blog has seen many readers and is a compilation of some of my favorite recipes and some great tips. Please be on the lookout for some upcoming items that you won't want to miss! 

Videos will be coming soon, but in the mean time...I hope you start to enjoy the new additions.  Well, as soon as I get them updated.  If you are following this blog, my Facebook page,  my Tweets or my Pins then you will be alerted that I am posting something new.  Thank you for your support!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Get Brandy on Bravo T.V Goal

The first goal I have is to find out what I need to submit my show idea (The Broken Housewife of Tucson, AZ) to Bravo TV.  I would like to start planning fundraising events for the future and it would be much easier if Bravo TV was behind me. So wish me luck, this is the beginning...and I will update you on what I find out.

Let's see what social networking can really do! #BravoTV, #@BravoTV :)

American Cancer Society Donations

As you know, I have chosen the American Cancer Society as my main organization to raise money for. I have just included a link to the right of the blog that will take you to my ACS Can page where you can donate to the American Cancer Society. I will be adding other organizations on a new page, but please take the time to help me reach my goal of $1 Million Dollars and help make it possible for them to find a cure for this horrific disease. I think it's a good goal to start with...don't you?

Thank you for your support everyone..I couldn't do it without you!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

First Fundraiser!

I know it's been awhile since you've heard from me, there has been a lot happening with my health. I was in the hospital and went through yet another one of my lives. I believe I have survived more near death experiences than a cat is given. I'm not sure, I have kind of lost count. :) But, I am very happy to be alive!

Nevertheless, this idea of mine has to happen. It is going to help so many people.  I have just started a fundraiser to get this kicked off on You can get to my fundraiser over to the right, where you will see the fundly fundraiser widget.

Once I am able to start the patent process, I will be able to be a little more specific about what I am trying to do. I will also be starting to plan upcoming events and start taping videos and posting them. So, how I do with this fundraiser either makes or breaks this project. I really need your help!

Also, I would like to give you a little taste of what I will be doing with this project. I will be looking for other broken housewives throughout the country that have good ideas, but don't have the money to bring them to fruition. So, start brainstorming and come up with the idea that is going to get your patent fee paid...more details to follow...

One other aspect of this project is to ultimately make it easier for folks to donate to cancer research. Therefore, I will be placing some donation buttons here on my blog, and I my goal is to raise $1 Million for The American Cancer Society. We will also be having some local fundraisers to help us out with that goal. I hope you can find it in your heart to help me, so that I can pay it forward and help others.

I can't wait to get started on this! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

New Theme Song for "The Broken Housewife of Tucson Arizona"

I have changed my mind on the theme only a menopausal woman can.. LOL But, what do you all think about this? I would like to use the video and the song as the opening for "The Broken Housewife of Tucson, Arizona". I need to hear your support everybody!! If I get enough support, maybe the artist will let me use it out of the goodness of her heart because I'm trying to change the world in my own little way! I would love to start using it in the upcoming videos!! What do you think everybody? Isn't is perfect?

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Broken Housewife of Tucson, Arizona - Huge Announcement

Yes, it is true. The Broken Housewife of Tucson, Arizona has a huge announcement that will be announced soon. You have to stay tuned to find out, but I will tell you has something to do with the picture's the inside scoop! :) Can't wait to be able to tell you!! Feeling very blessed and anxious to be able to put a smile on the faces of so many! YEAH! Thank you all for your support..when I feel like I can't do anything else, another door opens to make this happen. There really are good people left in the world. :)

~Brandy, "The Broken Housewife of Tucson, Arizona"